We deliver easy to use, useful and enjoyable websites.

We are a group of behavioral analysts, interactive designers and information architects who employ qualitative and quantitative human-focused research techniques.

We take you through a guided process with Informed Design/DST associates that consist of system architects with advanced front end coding skills, graphic and web designers, PhD experts in customer analysis. Survey methods, focus groups, interviewing techniques, and usability evaluations are part of our DNA.

Analysis and development cycle
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Contextual Analysis/Field Visits

  • Observing work practice
  • Pointers to potential delighters
  • Basic intents and organizational challenges

Focus Groups and Surveys

  • Shared issues
  • Common roadblocks
  • Frequent issues
  • Wish list of features

Match user goals and work practices to product interaction priorities and results

  • Keep the task simple: aid or automate
  • Make actions and consequences visible
  • What can I do?
  • What happened when I did it
  • Map user intentions and goals to controls
  • Design to reduce errors

Match navigation and interaction structure to task flow

  • Provide information and access points when and in the way needed
  • Structure content and functions
  • Define navigation
  • Prioritize content
  • Determine interactive elements
  • Apply rules for information display

High-fidelity design mockups

  • Design look and feel
  • Create graphic elements
  • Define typography

Static and Interactive prototypes

  • Identify where elements are placed
  • Group and organize elements
  • Create a consecutive flow through the task sequence

We measure success in multiple ways

  • Can they find it?
  • Can they understand it?
  • Did it meet their expectations?
  • Do they know if they made a mistake?
  • Can they correct their errors?
  • Do they enjoy it?
  • Would they buy it?

We can build and deliver your web strategy suitable to your customer audience:

  • Application Development Environments
  • Front End Development: AJAX/HTML5/CSS3
  • Emerging Javascript frameworks
  • Agile methodology

Gather Insights: Listen, Observe, Ask

Your customers know what they want, but sometimes there are needs that go unspoken. We aren't afraid to discover both. There are times where we will ask questions and there are times where we will simply observe, but we are always patient and perceptive. Uncovering the desires, pain points and goals of your target audience is our focus.


We punch the numbers and analyze our statistics and dig through our notes in order to deliver actionable recommendations and opportunities for growth.

Design the Experience:

We work with you to build creative websites that align your business requirements with user insights and emerging technologies. From insight to implementation, we deliver one site with all its functionality available on whatever device your customer uses.

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