We have thousands of hours of experience observing, interviewing, and surveying the wants and needs of financial advisors and investors.

From this experience, we provide:

  • Customer channel and touch point analysis
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer activity analysis
  • Web and mobile site information architecture
  • Web and mobile site interaction design
  • Web and mobile site wireframe design
  • Responsive design for tablets and smart phones - same site suited to each device
  • Search engine optimization and site analytics
  • Usability testing to verify the target audience finds the design useful and effective

We can build and deliver your web strategy suitable to your customer audience:

  • Modern, secure, responsive, front-end development
  • Latest technologies: AJAX/HTML5/CSS3/JSONP
  • Hosting services, software, and domain related functions
  • Customized Content Management System (CMS)
  • Client portal providing transparent, agile methodology

Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of Ph.D. experts in customer analysis, usability evaluations, and interviewing techniques, highly skilled graphic artists and web designers, system architects with advanced front-end coding skills. We have a combined experience base of over 60 years across industries such as investment, banking, insurance, retail, telecommunications, and manufacturing. Visit our LinkedIn page.

John Ims, Ph.D.

John Ims PhD, CPE

Business Leader and UX Specialist

John Ims's LinkedIn Profile
Michele Hinkle

Michele Hinkle

Business Development Manager

Michele Hinkle's LinkedIn Profile
Matt Jurgensen

Matt Jurgensen

Principal Software Architect

Greg Spradlin

Greg Spradlin

Web Design

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